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The family business was founded in 1971


The family business was founded in 1971 by Germain Ghekiere, Pascal's father . The weaving company worked in classic/traditional furniture textiles.

Pascal graduated as an industrial engineer in electro-mechanics and joined the family business.

He learned the craft from his father and took over the company in 2008. At this time, the first talks were also held regarding the weaving of technical textiles. With Pascal at the helm, this marked the start of the innovative company we are today.

In the following years, Pascal accumulated knowledge, experience and research projects in the field of technical textiles and 3D fabrics that brought solutions to many (complex) problems.

Our Team

Get to know the people who make our 3D textile magic happen – a team that loves
pushing boundaries and creating magnificent fabrics for the future.


Founder, R&D


Business Development, 
Marketing and Sales Manager




Engineering, Development




Technical account manager Spacerglass

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Sustainability in our company

Next to the fact that we are looking, together with our clients, for a sustainable solution, we also incorporate that into our company.

We have integrated solar panels to minimize our energy consumption. Our company features electric bikes, and we are looking forward to switching to electric company cars.

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