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At 3D Weaving we create high-quality technical
solutions through 3D weaving technology.
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What is a 3D fabric?

Fabric where the yarns
are positioned in an x,
y and z direction

The 'extra' dimension adds additional 'functionalities' to the fabric

 3D fabric is among the most complex technology within the textile world

3D fabric can be
used when all
other possibilities fail

Specific yarns + correct location + right direction = integrate desired properties into a 3D textile

3D Weaving represents:

Sustainability in our company

Next to the fact that we are looking, together with our customers, for a sustainable solution, we also incorporate durability into our company.

We have integrated solar panels to minimise our energy consumption. Our company features electric bikes, and we are looking forward to switching to electric company cars.

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Our Team

Get to know the people who make our 3D textile magic happen – a team that loves
pushing boundaries and creating magnificent fabrics for the future.


Founder, R&D


Business Development, 
Marketing and Sales Manager




Engineering, Development




Technical account manager Spacerglass

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Explore our exclusive range of products and discover how our innovative textiles
redefine possibilities in various industries.
Distance fabric in 100% glass fiber
Multilayer fabric’s
Distance fabric in 100% monofilament